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Aims and Scope Of IJSIM

Journal of Strategic Innovative Marketing is an international and interdisciplinary Open Access Journal covering research and development in the field of Scientific Marketing in a meaningful way through scholarship that is both relevant and rigorous.As reflected by the journal's title IJSIM aims to bring together scientists, researchers, practitioners and students in order to fulfill the gap between research and development in an innovative way.

The main aim of the IJSIM is the immediate publication of scientific research papers, authored by members belonging to the academic and research community of this specific sector driving forward the field of Marketing Science by providing high-quality evidence base for scientists and managers, students and practitioners. IJSIM involves a large research community in an innovative double blind peer review process, aiming in parallel to provide fast access to top-quality papers. Modern and cutting-edge communication technologies are used in order to find for every research topic the best scientific team out of a network of highly motivated researchers globally. 

The publishing process in IJSIM can be seen as a cooperative enterprise between researchers, editors, referees, and readers. Subsequently, IJSIM provides qualitative open access content to all the potential readers, encapsulating in this way all the processes that recognized standing e-journals have. As an original validated online scientific journal the submission, the evaluation and the publication processes are all completed electronically.