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Important and Useful Information as regards the Review Process on the IJSIM

The IJISIM Committee ensures the authors via the provision of:

  • Constructive reviews in a direct and reasonable time
  • Explicit and extensive directions and remarks to authors when it necessary for revising a paper
  • An Immediate decision to either accept or reject a paper as early as possible in the review process in order to inform the authors as soon as possible about that. 


The procedures and the guidelines of selection of articles for publication in IJSIM are in the same line such as other double-blind reviewed journals. Thus, Papers are accepted for publication only after they are evaluated by at least two reviewers who are already members of the editorial board or either ad hoc reviewers.

Subsequently, the editorial board decision on whether or not accepting a paper for publication depending considerably by the remarks, recommendations of the qualified, knowledgeable and mostly objective reviewers that this Scientific Marketing Journal has.



In addition, each paper which is submitted on our marketing management journal separately is judged as regards its potential contribution to the improvement of the Marketing Science and Practice. In order for a paper to be accepted and be published on IJSIM it must meet the following qualifications:


  • Focusing on a explicit issue in the overall scientific topic of marketing management
    Providing as a paper a fundamental new insight that improves the field of marketing theory and practice
  • Be literature-based following and referring other recognized scholars
  • Providing a conceptual rigor in evidence of the methodology that it is used or the empirical finding that derived as a result.


The IJSIM Editorial Board ensures a concerted effort to revised and give feedback to any kind of submitted paper in less than 25 days, while at the same time the review process is absolutely fair, objective, informed, constructive and specific.


In simplicity the submission process is as follows:

  • The author creates an account on the IJSIM for entering and selecting the submission functionality of a paper. 
  • The author creates an abstract and submits it through the on-line submission choice.
  • The Journal's Editorial Board decides about the acceptance or not of the abstract.
  • After abstract acceptance, the author has to submit his/her paper on IJSIM.
  • Together with the paper, the author must send the Copyright Transfer Form (CTF) filled and signed. You can find the CTF at Downloads section


The following diagram shows the different phases of a paper that is created and submitted by an author.



Contact Information:
If you have any kind of problem during the submission process of your paper you can  immediately contact with us in order to solve the issue. Please sent as your email at: secretariat(-at-) or idas.ijsim(-at-)