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Volume 03 Issue 03 (2016)

Volume 03 Issue 03     2016

Tsitmideli G., Skordoulis M., Chalikias M., Sidiropoulos G., Papagrigoriou A.

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to investigate supervisors and subordinates relationship factors and their impact on job satisfaction and employee performance. The research examines private and public obstetric clinics through a sample of 100 subordinates and 30 supervisors, using a structured questionnaire based on a five-point Likert scale. The research results show that the main factor that affects job satisfaction and employee performance is the relationship developed between supervisors and subordinates. Furthermore, the research results show that recognition of the work and open communication with the supervisor affect positively subordinates’ psychology. It is also proved that team spirit and equal treatment between the subordinates ultimately lead in the development of subordinates and the success of the supervisors. Finally, the importance of the factors of honesty and trust between supervisors and subordinates is confirmed.

Theodoros Kentistos-Rannos, Prodromos D.Chatzoglou

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Abstract: The internet is becoming the preferred media for most people to find the information they need about their purchases. However, even though search engines are able to catalogue vast amounts of the data available online, consumers’ searches often lead to results based on website popularity and keyword advertisement. For that reason, search engines dealing only with information about products and services have arisen, cataloguing from consumer products, hotels, air-line tickets, insurance, to food delivery. These comparison shopping websites provide a helpful connection between consumers and businesses. This paper examines how comparison shopping websites affect businesses and e-commerce in general. The proposed conceptual model incorporates various demographic, psychographic and other factors that are found to affect the use of comparison shopping websites, consumers’ selection criteria and their purchase intention. In order to test the validity of the new model, data from 207 participants were collected with results suggesting that the use of product comparison shopping websites is affected mainly by the frequency of internet usage, perceived usefulness and ease of use offered by these websites. Furthermore, comparison shopping websites seem to play an important role in shaping purchase intention.

Vasiliki Amarantou, Stella Kazakopoulou, Prodromos D. Charzoglou, Dimitrios Chatzoudes

Abstract: “Resistance to change” has significantly concerned the research community over the last 15 years, since it is proven to be the main failure cause of all change initiatives, especially when it comes to business process reengineering. The present study examines this phenomenon from a managerial point of view, pointing out the main factors affecting resistance to change in the healthcare sector. The survey was conducted in 6 Greek hospitals, 3 of which are University Hospitals, with a total participation of 134 managers. A novelty of the present study is the establishment of a theoretical link between the concepts of “public sector marketing” and “change management”.


Dimitrios Belias, Athanasios Koustelios, George Aspridis, Konstantinos Varsanis, Stefanos Koffas

Abstract: The reason of this research was to investigate the levels of job satisfaction of bank employees in Greece and to study the consequences that particular personal characteristics have on those levels of job satisfaction. The sample consisted of 252 (51.7%) males and 235 (48.3%) females of various bank companies. The results of this study suggested that people who work on Greek banks are relatively pleased with their work. Additionally, MANOVA and post-ANOVA analysis resulted that specific personal characteristics of the bank personnel influence various features of their job satisfaction and their levels of job fulfillment altogether like for instance, gender, age, marital status, education, as well as their professional position. In addition, the years of professional experience as bank personnel, their professional experience in the particular bank as well as the years the possess the same professional position greatly influence their job satisfaction.

Stavrianea Aikaterini, Kamenidou Irene

Abstract: Religious concepts exist from the beginning of the human existence in various worship forms; and for centuries are part of humanity regardless of the religion in which a person believes. While religion and related issues have been extensively studied, segmentation based on religiosity has limited existing research. Under this framework, this study aims to segment generation Z behavior towards religion and the church during economic recession; an issue that has not up to date been studied. This research was undertaken in Greece, a country being under economic recession, after 7 years of economic crisis and austerity measures. Via a web -designed research 115 participants belonging in Generation Z consisted of the final sample. Descriptive statistics, Factor, cluster analysis and cross tabulation were used on the research data for profiling the segments. Results showed the three distinctive segments of Gen-Z’ers were produced according to their attitudes towards the economic crisis, international political situation, church and religion which were profiled based on their socioeconomic and demographic characteristics. The study extends our knowledge on a generation that is under studied as a total, while relationship that generation Z has with religion in times of economic recession brings significant practical implications that are discussed in the paper.