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Volume 01 Issue 03 (2014)

Volume 01 Issue 03     2014

George Belch, Michael Belch

Abstract: Marketing communications is undergoing what might be considered unprecedented change. As the growth in social and digital media continues, marketers have begun to shift more of their marketing communication budgets to these media at the expense of traditional media.  We look at the rapidly changing media environment and discuss the role of digital and social media and how they are impacting the consumer decision process. We also provide evidence that traditional media are not dead and still play an important role in the integrated marketing communications programs of many companies.

Francisco Amaral, Teresa Tiago, Flávio Tiago

Abstract: Recent studies have called into question the credibility and relevance of travel-related user-generated content (UGC). Regardless these matters, tourists not only read and use information from the Internet during their pre-travel choice process, but also post information on the Internet during and post-travel stages. And, these contents are use and meaning to others travelers decision process, but in different degrees. So, what makes a UCG relevant and for whom? To better understand these questions, data was gathered from TripAdvisor regarding customer opinions concerning their restaurant experiences in top 10 restaurants, from two island destinations (USA versus Europe). Results validate the existence of different travelers expertise profile in what concerns UCG restaurant related. Also, the results further reinforce the literature relative to the importance online social media in the buyer decision-making process and to the restaurant experience as a whole.

Alexandros G. Sahinidis, Evangelos E. Vassiliou, Alina B. Hyz

Abstract: Most entrepreneurial intention studies focus on the intention of people who might become first-time entrepreneurs. A considerable number of people, however, who are already in business, can and do think of the possibility of starting new enterprise, creating new value. The purpose of this study is to record these people’s attitudes toward new venture formation, because, having the experience of self-employment and small business ownership differentiates this group from the remaining population, which may be considering a start-up as a move into unchartered territory vis-à-vis the experienced individuals. Structural Equation Modeling was used in examining the relationship between Entrepreneurial Intention and the independent variables-antecedents of it, Personal Attraction, Perceived behavioral Control and Social Norms and Valuations. The role of demographic variables has also been examined in the study. The findings indicate that, there is a strong link between the Personal Attraction and Entrepreneurial Intention (EI), similar to the literature findings with other types of samples and also a strong relationship between Perceived Behavioral Control or Self –Efficacy and (EI). Finally, again as previously found in several studies Social Norms and Valuations are expected to affect both directly and indirectly EI. The main limitations of the study include the sample non-randomness and the cross-sectional nature of the research. The findings of this study can be useful to policy makers in finding ways to promote business growth among active entrepreneurs, using the tools available to them more effectively

Theodora Zarmpou, Maro Vlachopoulou

Abstract: The mobile local government services topic is an area that needs relentless attention and continuous steps towards its improvement taking advantage of the new technologies. Focusing on the municipality services, especially, there is high motivation to examine the existing situation with emphasis on a typology of the services offered to the citizens (G2C services). As a first step, these services are collected based on literature review, as well as on successful implemented examples. To continue, the reported services are organized and classified into a typology based on their type of function. Finally, the classified mobile services are examined with regard to their adoption degree, in order to picture the current reality in Greece by exhaustively reporting the published m-G2C services. The reason to conduct such a research is multifold; the stakeholders in each of the academic, industry and municipal field need to have a reference point of the current situation, so as to progress and measure the steps forward. 

Eirini Armenaki, Antonis Armenakis, Panagiotis Kaldis

Abstract: The significance of the social media market is huge, as they are rapidly evolving and the increase of their users is continuous. Alcohol companies are prime participants, by promoting alcohol beverages with digital methods via the internet, using all possibilities for penetrating users of social media. Within this context, a survey research was conducted to students on the impact of systematic social media use with respect to their alcohol preferences and consumption, as well as their views concerning alcohol promotion through social media.